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The Sandy Roy Beauty Therapy Institute (Pty) Ltd  is an accredited education and training facility to offer courses in Health, Beauty, Massage and Skincare Therapy amongst others.  The college is Accredited by the relevant bodies to offer qualifications registered on the NQF at Level 4 and Level 5.  The college offers all successful graduates who have completed all the relevant criteria the opportunity to enter into the full membership qualifications and examinations offered by SAAHSP (South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals), CIDESCO (Swiss -Comité International D'Esthetique et de Cosmetologie) and ITEC (British)

Sandy Roy

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1st Floor Upper East Side
Pickwick Street, Salt River


 The Sandy Roy Beauty Therapy Institute (Pty) Ltd has been accredited since 1999 to offer Level 5 courses.

| ITEC – British |
CIDESCO – Comite International de esthetique et de cosmetology - Zurich |
| SAAHSP – South African Association of Health and Skin Care Specialists – South African National Association.  |

 The various examination bodies listed above grant successful graduating learners the relevant diplomas.  These examinations will be entered into, on condition all criteria are fulfilled in accordance with requirements.  The International/National membership diplomas will be achieved in addition to the Beauty Therapy Institute Higher Education Diploma/Higher Certificate/Advanced Certificate.

PAB - Professional Accreditation Body | - SAQA appointed Accreditation Body for Health and Skincare Therapy.


DOHET - Application to offer Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma pending with DOE.  CHE application for accreditation in the process.  Application with DOE extended and provisional up until July 2011 when new applications will be lodged. |


 Accreditation for Higher education was granted by Professional Accreditation Body (PAB) in 2002, - ETQA (Education and Training Qualifications Authority) – PAB 1180. , the ETQA for the Health and Skincare Industry.  Letters of accreditation available upon request.

*Full Time (FT), Part Time Evening (PTE), Part Time Weekend (PTW), All of the Above (ALL)

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