• Click on "List with us" and give us your information.
    • If you have have any branches click on branches.  Keep on enterring branch information till all branches are created.
    • Therafter click on courses.  Input a form for every course.

  • We have an interface at a corporate level which allows us to edit information on our site.  We have not currently got an interface that allows institutions to log in and edit their details.  We are currently in the process of creating such an interface.


    Till such a time as the interface is ready send us an email to info@massage.co.za with the following:

    1. An indication whether the correction is at a school, branch or course level, and if at a branch or course level which course.
    2. The section that is incorrect copied and pasted into the email with the word "Before:" just before the section.  The section must be between qoutation marks.
    3. The section as above but corrected with the word "After:" just before the section.The corrected section must be between qoutation marks.
    4. Please also supply us with a cell number of a person to contact in case we have any questions.


    1. Please correct our course information for our course "Introduction into basic massage"
    2. Before: "Massage is an extremely successful weapon against stress"
    3. After: "Massage is an extremely successful treatment of stress"
    4. Contact Abe on 082 903 1914 if you have any questions


    Although ideally we would want a quality site with only quality and recognized training institutions on board, be do not have the infrustructure or knowledge to enforce it at the moment.


    Until such a time where we can start attending to such matters we have decided as follows:


    • We serve as an information centre of available massage training institutions.   It is the buyers responsibility to make sure that what he/she is buying is of the quality that he/she desires.  Although we make all the effort humanely possible to give users of our site as much information as possible, we cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the institutions listed with us.


    • It is a requirement of our site that the trainers used by the training institutions listed on our site must have a certificate/degree or other proof that they have been trained by an institution that is in the business of training massage therapists, and that they have at least two years of practical massage experience.

  • Massageschool.co.za is currently at the starting phase of it's lifecycle. Without a proper representation of institutions providing massage training services on it's books it will be a while before the interest from the internet community is such that we feel it warrants charging for it.

    To build such a critical mass of Massage Training Institutions we have taken a strategic decision to list all massage training institutions free for at leats 12 months.  Listing will be free for the whole of 2012.  Once we start charging for listing we will give all our listed institutions at least a months notice in this regard


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