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The Marol natural massage Institute is situated in Kensington B, Randburg in a quiet, tranquil home. We offer short, information intensive, affordable courses to any one who is interested in becoming a massage therapist or existing massage therapists who wants to up - skill to stay on top of their game. Our classes are kept small with only 8 students at a time to ensure that you will get the attention you deserve.

Once you have completed the course, you will also receive a start - up pack fulled with all the essentials you will need to start your own bussiness and much more. 

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Part time / Full time*:


Physical Address:

Brompton str, Kensington B

Massage Modalities:

The Marol natural massage method is a revolutionary, new massage technique based on Meridian Acupressure which relaxes the mind, emotions and body; combined with advanced trauma reduction techniques to produce effective relief of tention and stress. It is a holistic approach which includes Natural aroma therapy, Natural Reflexology, lymph drainage and aspects of Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage techniques. Therapists will also learn basic therapeutic techniques to release any emotional blockage that might cause pain in the body. 


Natural massage does not recuire accreditation from the National Councils. However, the massage therapist trainer is registered as a Complementary Healthcare practitioner with the Natural Healers association, which is in the prosess of issuing practice numbers for access to medical aids. All successful students will receive a certificate of competence from the Marol Institute.

*Full Time (FT), Part Time Evening (PTE), Part Time Weekend (PTW), All of the Above (ALL)

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