Anthea Hardwick

Anthea has always been a curious and adventurous spirit with an innate calling to inspire and add beauty in life.  Her intererst in the humanities led her to complete a Psychology degree after matriculating.

She soon realized that she was searching for another way of accessing the psyche and facilitating healing.  She began to explore healing modalities and 20 years ago qualified as a reflexologist, massage therapist and shortly after that a Reiki master.

It was on one of many travels abroad that she experienced the healing power of Kahuna massage for herself. 

She began her studies with internationaly renowned teacher, Mette Sorensen in Australia 15 years ago and has been sharing this ancient, healing bodywork in South Africa ever since.

Anthea has worked with thousands of individuals and has tought hundreds of gifted Kahuna body workers during this time.

"It is my joy and privilige to share this life changing work with you too!"

Anthea Hardwick

Tel: 073 617 5224
Cell: 073 617 5224
Email: morehunamagic@gmail.com
Web: www.kahunamassage.co.za/category/trainings/





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Kahuna Bodywork

Somato Respiratory Integration

Dolphin Retreats

*Full Time (FT), Part Time Evening (PTE), Part Time Weekend (PTW), All of the Above (ALL)

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